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Prairie City District 36 Round 1

Posted by Chris Ow on January 21, 2011 at 11:37 PM

January 16 at Prairie City just outside of Folsom, CA was Round 1 of the AMA Cross Country Series for 2011. Chris and Mark were headed up to race and were joined by Jonny and Dylan Lee. Little Dylan showed us how easy it is to sleep in a truck doing a three hours snooze with ease. His first word when he awoke was "Moto?"  Dylan will be a mad man once he moves up from his stryder.


Here he is below trying on a new helmet. He wants to ride Moto bad. 


The weather was foggy and chilly on Sunday morning and the area was hit with a nice rain on Thursday. Needless to say the course was a mix of mud, standing water, river rock, ruts, some asphalt GP sections, some rock piles and overall slippery.


Race 1 of the day at 8:00 AM was the call for Chris - B-Senior and Mark C-Senior. I did not know it at the time, but Kevin Carter was also on the line in C-Senior. This race featured a LeMans style start, where you stand several feet in front of your bike, wait for a shotgun and then run to your bike and start it up. Well, this is what your supposed to do, but I fumbled around heading off middle of the pack.


Once on the course I realized throttle control was going to be needed out there. Picked off a couple guys and was feeling good until I came up on a few guys too quick and ran up into them on an off camber and dropped the bike. Got back up and kept rolling crossing the first lap in 12th. I was not too happy with this and felt like I was making up time until I got stuck behind some 450 that I was faster than, but could not pass. Next thing I know another guy passes both of us. That was it and I took off passing both guys in a few minutes. OK so this is time to step it up and my bike stalls. WTF? Panic, sweat, heart races and finally gets started again. Try to pass the guys who just went by me and forget to breath. Goggles foggy now and visibility not so good. Get up to speed and use a hand to grab some air into the goggles, works ok. Get past that issue and bike stalls again. Finally get it going and bike stalls again right before finish line of second lap. Have to push it through with A-Senior Ace Paul Van Horsen giving me support and encouragment. I bump the bike and get going again only to stall about three more times. The last time I could not get it going and pushed the bike back to the truck finishing in 18th, yuck..


During this last effort to start the bike I see big Mark Harris rail by with a big smile and looking fast. I yelled go and hoped for the best for him. He had a rough start to the day dumping the bike a few times right of the back. He must have made up a lot of time as he came home in his third race ever in 7th place. Great work Mark. Mark was hoping to race his Yamaha 250 two stroke, but had some issues with it. So he settled in on his trusty KTM 250 XCFW, but I have a feeling Mark will be even more of a mniac on the 2 stroke once he gets it dialed in.


Kevin Carter and his new found KTM 250 XC-W was ripping it up and took home a 2nd Place! Nice Job!



A bit of mud on the motor, took me an hour to wash her off.

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